Who are Pristine Clean

Pristine Clean are the Solution People. With increased demand and inflated prices due to the current demand of Personal Cleaning Protection, we work with the largest producers of these vital essentials, and can offer a vast range of products at factory prices. We have designed wipes for singular use, general use, antibacterial sprays and hand sanitisers in varying sizes for individual requirements.

For Public & Corporate Events

We can produce single use sachets which are great for essential corporate/public events, large meetings and press conferences.

For Education

We can deliver centrally located hand sanitisers for schools, colleges, universities and public libraries. Our clip-on sanitisers are great for lanyards, keyrings and school bags for quick application. Our wall dispensers are great for entrances and exits.

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For Retailers

We have been supplying large retailers with hand sanitisers including Aldi, Superdrug and Amazon. We have already supplied the NHS and Royal Mail through intermediaries, but our aim is to supply direct and keep prices as low as possible.

For Public Health

We can supply centrally located hand sanitisers on stands, wipes for surface cleaning and antibacterial sprays for work surfaces. We can supply to hospitals, care homes, local GP’s and pharmacies.